Humanity is missing: Indianness is lost

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In this difficult period of the corona epidemic, there was no desire to transmit any burning question. After the situation which the society has seen today, this burning question has become necessary. Brothers and sisters! what the society has seen in the last few days is unimaginable. How can the line of humanity be smaller than any religion? What kind of religious freedom is this being told that it is for the burial of humanity? When man will not be in the world then what kind of religion and what kind of God’s worship? Can evil ever equal good? These are many such burning questions which have emerged in the last few days. No religion teaches hating one another, we have grown up hearing this statement from childhood. Today, when we became adults, we seem to live a life opposite from this statement. Is this the right social situation? The Constitution of our country has given every person the freedom to live with his religious views. Recently the message given by a theologian in front of all societies through his religion is showing frightening philosophy. Theologian’s message to his followers along with themselves, pushing their families, relatives and other countrymen towards the end. What religious mindset is this? What kind of religious freedom is this? What is this religious guidance that is instructing to leave humanism? In all religious events, devotees are paved on the path of worship of God. Today, the view of worship offered by a religious group of society cannot be tolerated at all. No religion tells its followers that you should be a trouble for someone. All theologies tell us to walk on the path of humanity, never encouraging destruction for anyone. Why and how society today became witness to this immoral thing is worth considering. Who are these people who want to end humanity along with themselves? What kind of white-collar religious group is this, who wants to exclude humanity from society? So today it becomes a burning question that,

Q.23: What kind of protest is this? Where is Indianness lost, why is humanity lost?

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Both our society and the Constitution are based on and running on the faith of all religions. The personal behavior and social behavior that has been shown in front of the society at the time of pandemic like Corona are unimaginable and terrible. The philosophy of inhuman mentality has been introduced by a religious organization to its followers and path-goers, which is considerable for every society. Every society has its own rules and regulations. There are also different ideologies in every society. In the scriptures of all religions, there will be no mention of religious leaders in their lectures to pave the way for the end of humanity.

Our Constitution has not given such freedom to any religion and society that it should work to endanger the entire human race. If we could have met God after eating poison (Corona) at religious places, then ‘all our ancestors would have sacrificed their bodies by eating poison at religious places’. Today the religious idea which has come from a section of society gives rise to a mentality of pain, resentment and malice, which was never acceptable to the society, nor will be in the future.

It is well known that the rules written for the operation of society in our constitution, it describes honor, respect and tolerance towards every religion, caste, class and person. The responsibility given to the administrators for the operation of the country, in which every countryman is required to follow their orders. Every countryman knows this and also obeys. Then why these orders were not followed at that place/site? Why are their followers rioting in some cities of the country? Why are these followers showing abusive behavior with doctors? We have to think, we have to write, we have to change … !!!

India has accepted and adopted all moral beliefs. This nation will never accept the immoral, inhuman mindset and mindset of destruction of humanity. God has given wisdom to all. Those who participated in their religious program did they not know their civic duty? Why and how did they not use their conscience? Such burning questions arise in every brain, which have many aspects such as social, political, economic.

Analyzing each emerging topic, this ideology seems to reveal the terribleness, which seems to be giving rise to the thinking of gross crime towards humanity, sociality and the country. Therefore, only the religious leaders and experts of this religion will have to think and change the knowledge of impractical conduct going on in their religious monastery. By today’s burning question, what kind of protest is this? Where is Indianness lost, why is humanity lost? we appeal to all the religious leaders and experts of this religion to end this inhuman mentality that has emerged from their society and establish a high-minded behavior. Jai Hindi… Jai Bharat… !!!

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