Population & Modern Urbanization

social distancingAaj ka Prashn is inspired by the “demand for social distancing” born out of the Corona pandemic. “Demand for social distancing” is now becoming an essential demand on which the present society needs to think. Presently, the development of our country is dynamic and in execution. Each state of the country is in the forefront of development and with this, the population is also increasing along with the development in all the big cities. Till today we were running unbridled in this race, but the need of social distancing, that has been revealed by the corona epidemic, should we not change our system of urbanization now? Shouldn’t we now give proper expansion to our growing population? Should we no longer feel the need to build limited population-based cities? These burning questions are deeply associated with the development of the country and society. Constant population growth is taking place in all the major cities and metros of the country. There is already resentment in every big city on the excessive load of population. The society has also realized that the emergent administrative system of many cities has proved weak in meeting the needs of the people due to the burden of increasing population. Do we not need a statute or national plan that develops according to the natural quality and natural resources of each city in the country? That is why this burning question rises that,


Does population limitation seem necessary in modern urbanization today?

If you agree, then what changes can be done? if disagree then why.

Think over it and express your views in limited words to get changes in the nation and the society or vote by pressing “agree or disagree” button.


All of us residents of metropolises and big cities have experienced liberation from air and noise pollution in our cities, in which we have experienced feel of pure air and peace every day in the lock-down caused by the corona pandemic. Can we not learn from this and imagine or create a developed society free from all type of pollution? 

New Construction always brings peace. Today, the need for a new construction has been felt in the society in which the “demand for social distancing” has appeared. We are aware that many cities of the country are carrying the burden of overpopulation. In the time of the pandemic, due to social proximity, many burning problems have arisen, which all our countrymen have experienced and seen. Today, it seems necessary to do our next development according to the demand of “social distancing” in the changing form of society. Should we not demand a crowd free developed city from our democratic rulers today? We have to think, we have to write, we have to change….!!!

Be it a ray of sun or a ray of hope, whenever it comes out, it removes all the darkness. We all know that nature makes its own balance, all the things created by humans are secondary to it. We also believe that the seasons always change. So, whenever we get out of the corona pandemic, we will find a new form of “social distancing” in the pace of our social development. In the changing times, if we give proper social order to the load of our population, then along with employment, we will be able to give a life, related to natural resources to ourselves and our future children as well.


Today death (Corona) is ready to bathe in the river of blood, he has decided and we are helpless. The water that has been flown away will not come back. Present life is not complete life, whole life is in many forms. So set your eyes on the horizon and create a new society and become self-reliant, become free, become colorful again. This is the beauty of nature that only we have to keep alive. With these natural facts, today’s burning question, “Does population limitation seem necessary in modern urbanization today?” is presented before the public for discussion. Jai hind! Jai Bharat…!!


    Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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