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The nation of India is a symbol of all religion and is exists in the world map as independent India. Every citizen born in the nation of India is called an Indian first, then he is called a member of his religion. All the citizens of the nation of India have helped and contributed with their body, mind and wealth at the time of every disaster. Today, during the Corona epidemic, the solidarity that all Indians have introduced is admirable in society and will always be unforgettable. Every Indian is struggling with this global epidemic, whether they are warriors or the general public. All have played their role according to their own responsibility. Today’s fiery article is sent with a very sad feeling. The mental torture given by a few people of a particular religion to all the countrymen, will never justified by the present and future. The personal role they have played in this monstrous period will not be appropriate according to any theology. The history of our freedom struggle is associated with the universal religion, where the notion of unity in diversity is leading. Every phase passes, but only the person’s actions are remembered. These actions create future and history. Today the non-cooperation demonstrated by the followers of a group of a particular religion of the society with the administration is unconstitutional. Therefore today this article and some burning questions are put in front of you with respect.

Q.24: First we are Indian, then we are member of our religion: be an Indian.


Every sense of being called an Indian citizen makes us feel proud. Today, the experience that society is getting from some old citizens of a sect is disturbing. The conduct adopted by the aged citizens of this religion is worrying for the whole society. Our ideology may be different, but conduct should not be different. The caste-karma of a person is always tested at the time of disaster. A human should never be tied to a peg. Each seeker meets God only after the end of their inner pegs, which is why it is said to end the inner pegs. All the scriptures always say that connect with the God inside you. No matter how dark the darkness is, but with a lamp, it has to be defeated.

Today some of the things discussed about a religious group of society may be false, but not all things can be false. Therefore, Indian citizens of this religion, who believe that it is their pride to be an Indian citizen, should gather today and end such mental evil from their society and should also cross-examine some of the so-called sociologists of their society on the changes & facts according to religion and they should also be ask following questions to them,

  1. Why are their followers hiding and why are they hiding their identity?
  2. Why administration has to declare public punitive action today?
  3. Why are they behaving like suicides for themselves?
    We have to think…. We have to write…. We have to change…. !!!

We all know that the fictional depictions of the grunt of the above questions are arising in the mind are very harsh. After the passage of time, and after the discharge of constitutional obligations the authentic truths that will come to the society seem to be very terrible. 99.9 percent of the citizens of the present Indian nation are living as Indians, then why some citizens are causing trouble to the nationals.

There is an appeal to the educated youth of this particular sect to remove the hallucinations of the elderly citizens of their society on this burning subject and make them realize that First we are Indian, then we are member of our religion: be an Indian. Today’s title is showing that if we do not rise above caste-religion, then we will have to go through the tragedy of biological weapons like Corona, which will be destructive to all caste-religions. The culture of the nation of India has always been based on the notion of “live and let live”, so be Indian. The same appeal is to all countrymen, rest, you are all prudent. Jay Hind…! Jay Bharat….!!

become indians

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